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Seedling nursery is the last stage to cultivate seedlings. The quality of seedlings will directly affect the seedling quality and the survival rate of planting. When lifting the seedlings, attention should be paid to the following issues: Nursery standard and time seedlings should reach the above-ground shoots robust, maturity is better, full shoots, roots sound, roots and more, no pests and other conditions can be out of the garden. Seedlings are generally in the dormant period of seedlings. Deciduous tree species can be carried out from the beginning of the autumn deciduous season to the beginning of the sap flow in the spring of the following year. In addition to the above time, evergreen tree species can also be raised in the rainy season. It is better to start the seedlings in the spring and it is necessary to raise seedlings before the seedlings begin to sprout. For example, the time for the emergence of eucalyptus should be selected from the second year of eucalyptus, and the emergence of new shoots should be prominent until the buds appear pale green, that is, from mid-November to March of the following year. If sprouting after opening buds, will greatly reduce the survival rate of seedlings. The start of the autumn seedlings should be carried out after the growth of the seedlings is stopped at the top of the seedlings. At this time, the roots are growing and they can be planted in time if they are raised. Hunchun can begin to grow earlier. Raising seedlings in the spring can reduce the number of imitation procedures. One way out of the garden is to raise the seedling depth according to the root system distribution of the tree species. It should not be shallow, and it is too shallow and easy to injure the root. If there are few roots out of seedlings, the survival rate after planting should be low or the growth should be weak, so rooting should be minimized. Dig far from the beginning and end, if the fruit tree seedlings generally from the seedlings next to 20 cm deep planing, the main lateral root length of seedlings to maintain at least 20 cm, be careful not to damage the seedlings cortex and bud eyes. For the long main roots and lateral roots, it may be cut off due to inconvenience in digging, and avoid hand picking. The second is to raise water before planting. Due to the drought in winter and spring, the nursery soil is easy to compact and it is difficult to raise seedlings. It is best to water the nursery 4 to 5 days before the seedling raising, so that the nursery stock can suck enough fertilizer and water in the nursery to have more abundant nutrient reserves, but also to ensure that the seedling roots are intact and enhance the ability of the seedlings to resist drought. The third is to bring earthballs when digging seedlings. When raising the seedlings, bring the soil ball to the root. The diameter of the earth ball can be 6 to 12 times the diameter of the ground, avoiding the roots being exposed to the air and losing moisture. Precious trees or trees can also be wrapped with straw ropes to prevent earth ball scattering. At the same time, after planting, they are closely connected with the soil, and the roots can resume their absorption function quickly, which is conducive to high survival rate. Do a good job of grading in order to ensure that the post-planting forest is tidy and well-balanced. Immediately after the seedlings are lifted, grading should be carried out in the lee place to mark the species name and prevent confusion. The principle of grading seedlings is: the variety must be pure, the type of stock is the same, the shoots on the ground are full, and the buds are full, with a certain height and thickness. The roots are well developed, with many roots, few roots, no serious diseases, insect pests and mechanical damage. The grafted joints heal well. The seedlings at each level after classification were bundled into 20 or 50 and 100 plants, respectively, for statistics, sales, and transportation. Seedlings planted after nursery stocks are planted or transported out of time should be planted if they cannot be settled or shipped out in time. The seedlings planted on the ground should be flat, cool and well-drained. Dig a planting trench that is 1 meter deep and 60 cm deep. Seedlings are slanted and layered with a layer of mixed sandy soil towards the north. Avoid whole bale discharge, pour water, and then soil. Imitation of seedlings are afraid of waterlogging, fear of dry, should be promptly checked. China Agricultural Network Editor

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