Goat House Construction Basic Requirements

Farmers regard their natural conditions, sources of building materials, and measures to suit local conditions, and establish large-scale and scientific housing. 1. Construction address selection (1) Location: high dry, flat, leeward sunny, slightly inclined terrain (slope in the 1-3% is appropriate), adequate water, excellent water quality. (2) Shelter environment requirements: mainly consider the light, temperature, humidity, air flow conditions. (3) Types of sheep houses: In summer and hot winter climate regions, open or semi-open sheep houses are used. It is well ventilated in summer and there is little difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures in winter. The building is a permanent sheep house. It is required to have a roof, three walls, and the sunny side is a half brick or sheep. Large groups of goat breeders can build sheep sheds, require sun protection, shelter from rain, have a roof on the building, and are surrounded by open air. (4) Technical requirements for sheep building construction: a. Do a good job in sheep house foundation and basic sheep house or small sheep house. Due to the small foundation load, only sufficient bearing capacity, thickness, strong scour resistance and subsidence are required. Less than 2-3 cm, small swelling. The foundation is generally 10-15 cm wider than the wall and is made of brick or stone or concrete as the basic building material. b. The wall is required to be firm and stable, with a smooth surface and easy to clean. The insulation effect of the roof is greater than that of the wall. It is better to use multiple layers of building materials to increase the insulation effect of the roof. The general farmer uses a single-slope roof, the sheep house is a single column, open-air walkways. Double-row sheep homes and sheep stalls are generally double-slope roofs. c. The floor of the sheep house requires that the ground must be solid, smooth, free of cracks, hard, and slippery, so that the sheep can only lie comfortably and prevent the occurrence of limbs or lung diseases. At least a slope of 1-1.5% is desirable for defecation and urine drainage. Easy to clean and disinfect. d. The ceiling should be fully considered in the design (double-slope roof must be done) and the door should open outward. In short, there are many production and development technologies for meat goats. In addition to hybrid use, artificial insemination or frozen semen breeding techniques; insect repellent and epidemic prevention routine veterinary control technology; goat supplementation and lamb short-term fattening technology; sheep house and sheep bed transformation construction All technologies should be promoted synchronously so that they have a comprehensive effect and improve goat production efficiency. China Agricultural Network Editor

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