Safe and fast change of bees

A beekeeping worker in the United States uses a unique method to safely and quickly replace the queen bee. It is absolutely simple and convenient. He used the new king of hormones to rapidly transfer the principle of bee colony to the purpose of accepting the new king. The method is: Put the new king into a glass of honey water mixed with honey so that the new king will struggle in the honey water and release exogenous hormones. In about two or three minutes, the new king will be picked up and placed in the king’s cage. At this time the new king Tired and tired. Open the beehive for the king, take the king, and pour the honey water soaked by the new king on the frame beam and the bees to attract honeybees to suck honey water and pour honey water on each other. The new king's exogenous hormone immediately Spread out in the whole group. In 10 minutes, the new king can be placed on the nest door pedal, so that the new king himself climbs into the nest, the worker bee will come to replace the honey on the new king's net. The new king is still very tired at this time, no time to visit Spleen, but it will not reveal tension, worker bees will not be around the king, change the king will be successful. China Agricultural Network Editor

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