Several technical problems in cage culture

As the starting species of cage breeding in our province, Zhenyi has developed into a large-scale production, has achieved very good economic benefits, and has become one of the main species of marine fish breeding in Fujian. However, there are also many problems in the breeding process, resulting in economic losses and affecting the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. First, fish stocking 1. Seed origin: true quail reproductive season in southern China generally from late October to mid-December, this seedling is spring seedlings; the north sea area is from May to July, this seedling is autumn seedlings. True-breeding culture products from seedlings to develop specifications (750 grams), generally 18 months, breeding different seasons of seed breeding, sold in different seasons, can get better economic benefits. Due to careless operation during fishing, damage to fish, high transportation density, bumps along the way, resulting in damage to fish, easily causing bacterial infections and parasitic parasites, disinfection should be performed before seedlings are placed in cages. : Freshwater +200ppm formalin can be used for 5-15 minutes and inflated. 2. Stocking Density: In the breeding process, high density farming will affect the growth rate, the feed coefficient will increase, and the survival rate will decrease. The low density of stocking not only fails to make full use of productivity of production facilities and water bodies, but also does not facilitate the feeding and growth of fish. In the optimal range of stocking, the fastest growth rate and higher yield can be achieved. According to the conditions of coastal water temperature in our province, the true stocking density is: body weight 25 grams, 30-35 tails per cubic meter of water body; 100 grams body weight is 26-28 tails; 200-gram body weight is 18-20 tails; and body weight 300-gram or more is 13 - 15 tails. After 18 months of cultivation, seedlings can develop 700-800 grams of commercial fish. Second, food and feeding 1. Baits: Baits are the material basis for the growth and development of fish. At present, widely used frozen fresh fish, but there are many drawbacks to feeding frozen fresh miscellaneous fish. First, the freshness cannot be guaranteed; the second is the environmental pollution of the water, resulting in diseases. Clustered; Third, nutrition is relatively single. Before feeding the frozen fish, it was announced that mechanical methods were used to knock out the frozen pieces, and then soaked slightly in seawater to thaw the surface of the bait. The freshness of the fish was good, and it was not appropriate to soak for a long time or thaw with sunlight. True oysters and baits are based on the nutritional needs of oysters, and they are highly stimulating and less polluting. In the breeding stage and during the high temperature season, the bait should be used in combination to reduce the pollution of the water environment and prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases. 2. Feeding: The effect of satiation on fish feeding is not good. On the one hand, satiety is one of the causes of high mortality. On the Other hand, it is also an important factor in suppressing growth, resulting in wastage of food and pollution of the sea. The fishery is aging and the diseases are clustered. The true quail feeding ability is strong. In the seedling stage, the daily feeding amount is 20-30% of the larvae's body weight and decreases with the growth of the fish. When the water temperature is above 20°C, the fish weighs 10-100 grams, and the daily feeding amount is equivalent to 10-15% of the fish's body weight; 100-400 grams is 7.5%; 400 grams or more is 4.5%. If it exceeds, even if it is given satiety, its It will not grow quickly. 3. Disease prevention and control The current serious diseases of true breeding are increasingly serious. The main reasons are the aging of the breeding area, the deteriorating environment, the large number of pathogens, and the continual decline of the fish body. Therefore, we must strengthen awareness of disease prevention, take preventive measures, combine prevention and control, improve breeding environment, pay attention to the quality of seedlings, grasp appropriate stocking densities, use high-quality baits, and strengthen daily management. In the high-temperature epidemic stage, the prevention of combination of oral medication and water disinfection can be performed regularly and can receive better results. Oral baits should be starved and the amount of bait should be 20-30% less than usual. Once onset, the cause of the etiology should be ascertained, correctly diagnosed, and targeted medication should be used.

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