Spring shed cultivation of potatoes can be highly efficient

The technology of potato cultivation in greenhouses has been successfully promoted in Majiadian Town of our city. At present, it is very promising to see that the use of potatoes cultivated in greenhouses can be successively harvested after May 10. At this time, there is a shortage of potatoes in the market. The average wholesale price is 2.0 yuan per kilogram, and the income per mu is about 6,000 yuan. Its cultivation techniques are:
On January 15th, a large greenhouse membrane was placed on the scaffolds prepared before the winter to increase the temperature. At the same time, potato seed germination was carried out, and the variety was Dongnong 303 or Zaobai. When germination, the seed potatoes will be placed on the cocoon evenly, and the temperature should be kept at 18-20°C. At the beginning of February, when the bud grows 1 centimeter, the buds will be dried. When the bud color turns green, they can be cut and sown. Ten days before planting, ridges were set up in the sheds, and 2500 kilograms of high-quality agricultural fertilizer was used in Mushi. According to the length of the potato sprouts, they were graded and sown separately. Mushi DAP 15 kg, urea 20 kg, potassium sulfate 20 kg as the base fertilizer. After the planting, the covering soil is compacted and then covered with a plastic film. At the same time, a small arch shed is formed every two inches to form a three-layer covering temperature, which is beneficial to the early maturing and high yield of the potato. After the emergence of the potato, the small arch sheds are to be uncovered, and the temperature during the five-leaf period is adjusted to adjust the temperature. The temperature is controlled at 25-30°C during the day and 12-15°C during the night. On April 20, the small shed was removed. Two waters were poured during the whole growth period, spraying “Wan Ling” 1000 times liquid flooding once, spraying 200ppm PP333 before budding, in order to enhance plant disease resistance and lodging resistance.

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