The characteristics and application of farmyard manure

Farmyard manure has the advantages of wide source of raw materials, easy access to materials on site, and low price, and is a good source of fertilizer for vegetable cultivation. The farmyard manure that has undergone high-temperature composting and good maturity should be selected to prevent pest eggs, pathogens and weed seeds from being brought into the vegetable field.

Farmyard fertilizer application methods mainly include spreading, sticking, and acupuncture. Each has its own advantages, and farmers can use it flexibly according to the situation. When the amount of fertilizer is large or the distance between rows of crops is relatively narrow, it should be applied by throwing, which can save time and labor, and at the same time can achieve the effect of comprehensive improvement and fertilization of soil. When the fertilizer is insufficient or the row spacing of crops is wide, the strips should be used. The centralized fertilization method used by Shi and Shi applied to the same amount of fertilizer was better than that obtained by spreading. Usually the organic fertilizer application depth is 10-20 cm, and the application amount is 1500-2000 kg/mu.

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