Long-mouthed shrimp

Latin name: Miyakea nepa
English name: Squilla nepa / Oratosquilla nepa
Common name: -
Outline: Origin and production period of Shrimp:
It is mainly distributed in West Pacific of India, from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to West Indian Ocean and Red Sea, including New Caledonia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Polynesia and Australia. Perched on flat sand or muddy waters below 25 meters.

Eyes have double corneas. The frontal horns are round and do not have a central ridge. There is no break in the central ridge and split of the head breastplate, and the fork splits long and splits behind the acupuncture point. The knuckle has six teeth. The fifth thoracic node has bilateral protrusions. The sub-central vertebra of the fourth abdominal segment usually has a posterior spine. The outer extremities of the tail extremities have 8 - 10 movable thorns.
Body color:
Body back grayish green. All ridges, furrows, and the posterior edge of the somite were brownish green. The central ridge and lateral margin of the tail shank are dark green. The base thorn at the end of the fork and the outer fork of the tail is red. The tail of the extremities of the tail extremities is yellow.
Body length:
Medium to large, up to 165 mm in length.

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