English name: Cymbium melo
Common name: --
Origin and production period:
It is produced on the coasts of Sanya, Lingshui, Jixian, Lingao, Qionghai and Wenchang of Hainan Island and is found on the coasts of Taiwan, Fujian and Guangdong.
Shells are large and nearly spherical. Shell height 154. 0 mm. Shell width 105. 0mm. The helix is ​​small and is almost completely submerged in the body spiral when it is in the body, and the body spiral is extremely swollen. There is a fine growth pattern on the shell surface. The whole shell is orange, mixed with brown patches and has a thin brownish shell. Large shell mouth. The outer lip is thin and curved. The inner lip is twisted and the lower part has four powerful pleats. The front ditch is short and wide, big enough. Innocent. Live in a few meters deep muddy sandy bottom.

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