Red Grape Variety--Blauer Wildbacher

The Blauer Wildbacher grape is a typical Austrian native grape. It is mainly grown in Austria's westSteiermark, up to 600 meters above sea level. The entire planting area is less than 200 hectares.

This grape variety was cultivated from native wild grape varieties by the Celts who moved to the state of Steiermark today around 400 BC. It was formally classified and named only in 1842.

The Blauer Wildbacher grape is botanically divided into the Snake family and has the following characteristics: it is a woody plant, fine and auburn vines, small leaves and divided into three, the roots will grow fine, the buds on White fine hair, small fruit but round and tightly knotted. The wine made from it has the spicy taste of grass and herbs, and the acidity is good.

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