Scallop scallop

Popular names: scallops, sea fans.
Origin and production period:
Produced in the northern coast of China, especially in the Shandong Peninsula. Shandong Changdao, Weihai, Penglai, Shidao, Wendeng, Liaoning Dalian and Changshan Island are the main producing areas.
Shell fan round, 7-9 cm long, shell height slightly larger than the shell, thin and light. The two shells are almost equal in size, the right shell is flat, and the left shell is more convex. The front ear is larger than the back ear. The two ears of the rear ear are of the same shape, slightly forming a right-angled isosceles triangle. The front shell of the left shell is slightly triangular; the right shell front ear is slightly rectangular, with a depression on its ventral surface, forming a hole with the front shell of the left shell, which is a phase hole with 6 to 10 grid-like small teeth on the lower edge of the hole. The left shell has about 10 main radiation ribs, and the right shell has about 20 main radiation ribs. There are small ribs in between. Both shell ribs have irregular growth spines. Shell surface is generally purple brown, light brown, yellow brown, red brown, apricot yellow, gray and so on. The inside of the shell is white, with radial ribs and intercostal grooves comparable to the shell surface. Hinges straight. The posterior shell muscle is huge. The inner ligament is developed.

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