Commonly used small rakes are properly used and installed

Small rakes are used directly to cut green and dried corn stalks, wheat stalks, rice straw, and other livestock forages. They can also be used for straw returning to agricultural construction.

With the widespread use of small grass rakes in livestock husbandry (farms) in recent years, the benefits brought about by it are self-evident. However, due to the fact that some operators will not properly use and maintain, many problems arise during the operation.

This article takes the 9Z-2.5 type mower as an example to discuss the problems of the proper use and maintenance of the commonly used small mower.

use correctly

1, read the "Product Instruction" and check the random accessories

(1) Master the technical data of the rake. Such as supporting power, spindle speed, host quality and dimensions.

(2) understand the performance indicators. For example, the production efficiency (the production efficiency of 2.5 t/h as stated in the 9Z-2.0 type mower instruction manual refers to the ratio of green corn stalk, the moisture content of 65% and the productivity under continuous uniform feeding conditions), and the length of grass cutting. And a range of grass.

(3) Check the random attachments. Such as the motor pulley, V belt (9Z-2.0 type rake with B1650 type V belt 3), transmission belt guards and motor fixed bolts.

(4) Understand the contents of the three packages to facilitate attention in use.

2, the correct installation

(1) Prior to installation, the power (one-cylinder small diesel engine, electric motor or small four-wheel tractor) should be determined. According to the "Product Operation Manual" requirements, the correct choice of power and transmission of the supporting power.

(2) Check whether the diameter of the pulley of the power machine matches the diameter of the pulley of the rake, and ensure that the speed of the rake is in compliance with the regulations. The speed of the 9Z-2.0 rake is specified at 800 r/min.

(3) If a small diesel engine is used as power, it should be fixed on the concrete floor. And should be able to adjust the position before and after, to tighten the belt.

(4) When a small four-wheel tractor is used as a power, the tractor's belt protective cover and the lawn mower's two casters at the grass end should be removed to connect the tractor central rod with the pin shaft in the middle of the mower frame. Both sides of the suspension bracket are hung on the two ground caster shafts, and the bolts are installed. Then, the central tie rod hinge is used to adjust the V-belts to elasticity.

(5) If the motor is used as power, the universal motor base should be used to adjust so that the motor axis is parallel to the rake axis and the center axis of the two pulleys is aligned. The steering of the turf machine spindle should be in the same direction as the arrow on the housing. In addition, a control knife for the motor power supply should be provided near the processing site so that the power can be turned on or off at any time.

(6) The rake must be installed smoothly and the protective cover should be installed. In addition, the grass should be consistent with the natural wind direction. If the machine is not easy to move, it can be achieved by turning the grass.

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