Control of carrot leaf roller moth

The larvae eat carrot sprouts or get into the growing point. After the damage, the young plants can wither and the growing plants grow into axillary buds, which seriously affect the growth of the underground. Generally summer sowing carrots are heavier, five generations a year, and adulthood occurs from April to September. Eggs are scattered on the ground. The amount of occurrence varies greatly from year to year. In general, high temperatures occur in July and August, and large amounts do not occur in cold regions.
Chemical control: 48% of Le Siben EC 500 ~ 800 times Irrigation; 50% phoxim 1000 times Irrigation; 40% Dimethoate 1000 times Irrigation; 90% crystal trichlorfon 1000 times Irrigation.

As round type surgical lamp, flower type also has big lamp head and small lamp head; the big lamp head surgical lamp, we call it Creled3400, the small lamp head surgical lamp, we call it Creled3300, the design of the burner focuses on reducing turbulence and the fully enclosed streamlined lamp shade is well designed according to aerodynamic principles. The smooth and sealess surface design is especially suited to the clean needs of the medical environment. 

Surgical Lighting System

Single Dome Flower Ot Lamp

Single Dome Flower Ot Lamp,Single Dome Ot Lamp,Single Dome Surgery Light,Single Dome Operating Light

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