The UK uses minimally invasive surgery for spinal surgery to help patients relieve pain

Release date: 2006-11-01

The use of minimally invasive surgery in the UK to help patients relieve pain At present, British doctors began to use minimally invasive surgery for spinal surgery, which both relieved the pain and accelerated the healing rate.
Deborah Harrison is one of the first patients in the UK to undergo minimally invasive surgery. There are two vertebrae in the spine of Deborah that are squeezed by each other. There is no gap between the vertebrae, so the pain is unbearable and they have to undergo surgery in a hospital in Hampshire.
The doctor opened a small opening from her tailbone and slowly extended it up the spine with a microtube until it was inserted into the damaged spine, then transported a special screw to the joint that was fixed there and would be squeezed together. Stretching, although the screw only pulls the joints apart by 0.5 cm, it avoids the friction between the joints, thus reducing or even avoiding back pain. If the traditional surgical method is used, the doctor must cut a 15 cm hole in the back muscles of Deborah. Using the minimally invasive method, not only the incision is small, but also the operation time is short, and the patient has little blood loss. More importantly, because the wound is small and healed quickly, the patient can be discharged three days after surgery. "Meddy Medical Network"


1. Infrared Therapy: By using the far infrared light, directly it can stimulate the skin in depth to accelerate fat burning, thus achieving the goal of weight loss and reshaping.

2. Sauna bath of steam: With such effects as skin pore opening, toxin expelling and skin care. It is useful for body adjustment, ant-aging, skin beautification, weight loss and body building.

3. Herbal steam bath: It enables the ideal integration of plant extract and human body. Using with Chinese herbal medicine, it may also help complete the physical therapy for cure.

4. Shower bath: Clean and flush inch of the skin, relieve your every nerve.

5. Spray shower: With water columns spraying, it can massage every inch of skin, thus enabling the skin to different requirements.

6. Spectrum therapy: Four different spectral therapies of red, yellow, blue and green provide the efficacy of reducing the stress and relaxing and improving the skin condition for the human body from the medical aspect.

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