How to reasonably prepare goose fodder

First, formulate the principle of goose feed formula
1. According to the different goose breeds, development stages and production purposes, the appropriate breeding standards are selected to meet the physiological needs of the goose without causing nutritional waste.
2. Based on local resources, reduce costs as much as possible on the premise of ensuring nutrient content, so that farmers can obtain greater economic benefits.
3, choose palatability and a certain amount of raw materials to ensure that the goose eats enough nutrients each time.
4, with a variety of raw materials, in order to play a complementary role in mutual nutrition.
5. Control the amount of certain feed ingredients. If leguminous hay powder is rich in crude protein, the amount in the diet may be 15 to 30%; although the protein content of feather meal, blood meal, etc. is high, the digestibility is low, and the addition amount should be below 5%.
6. The quality of the selected raw materials is better, it must not be mildewed or degraded, and it should not be contaminated by pesticides.
Second, the preparation of goose feed
1. Approximate consumption of all kinds of feed: 30 to 70% of seed and processing by-products thereof, 15 to 30% of tuber roots and their processing by-products (dry weight), 5 to 10% of animal crude protein, and crude protein 5 of plants. ~ 20%, green feed and grass powder 10 ~ 30%, calcium powder and salt Zhuojia, and depending on the specific need to use some additives.
2, feed mix
(1) Mixing of powders: The raw materials are processed into dry powders, mixed well, and pressed into pellets for feeding. This form not only saves time and labor, but also prevents goose picky eaters.
(2) Mixing of powder and granules: that is, the glutinous grains in the diet are still granular, mixed together and fed several times a day, and the mixed powder containing animal protein, calcium powder, salt, and additives is additionally supplemented.
(3) Fine and coarse material mixing: The concentrate feed is processed into powder and mixed with crushed green grass, green vegetables or multi-rooted rhizomes, calcium powder and additives are mixed in the powder, and the sand can be used in another. The container is placed. Feeding geese with the latter two mixed forms of feed can easily lead to excessive or insufficient intake of certain nutrients.

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