Determine the fault location of the load car

Agricultural Machinery The engine that cannot be carried due to faults such as axle pull (or burning), camshaft firing, and cylinder pull is often referred to as a load vehicle. For a load vehicle, if it is dismantled and checked blindly, it takes time and effort. So, how to determine the fault location of the loader?
When the shaft pulls (or burns), the wear-resistant alloy layer will fall off into a powder and enter the oil in the oil. A part of the random oil will be pumped into the oil passage by the oil pump and adhered to the filter element when passing through the filter. on. Therefore, the load car should first open the oil filter cover, check the filter surface is attached to the shedding of the alloy layer powder, if any, it is a shaft pull (or burn). Then check the connecting rods one by one for axial clearance. If there are no abnormalities, then open the main bearing caps one by one to check the main shaft's wall-warming and burning conditions. If there is no alloy layer powder that has fallen off, the camshaft is burned or pulled. At this time, the thrust screw on the cover of the timing gear chamber should be withdrawn, and the camshaft should be pulled along the axial direction with a crowbar to see if it can move; when it cannot move, the camshaft is burned and can move without any abnormality. Pull cylinder failure.

                                                           Hospital Ward Nursing System

Hopsital Management Wired Emergency Call System is an indispensable important part in hospital digitization construction,which not only provides the powerful communication among doctors, nurses,and patients,but also creatively offers the new functions of voice reminding, information issuing, information collection, information process, and etc, stretched hospital information system(His) to wards. This system has truly achieved a leap of nursing quality besides the greatly decrease of the work intensity of nursing staff.


Hospital Ward Nursing System

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