Large trees with soil ball and frozen earth ball transplantation method

First, with soil ball transplant with soil ball tree, is the root system with soil, and not bare or barely bare trees. This type of tree has a relatively large number of root systems and it is easy to survive after planting. However, the weight is heavy, and the packing, handling and excavation are relatively laborious and laborious. When evergreen conifers and precious hardwoods are transplanted, the original soil ball must be taken to ensure the survival of the seedlings.
Second, the frozen soil (ice) ball transplant method in the soil freezing soil ball excavation period, do not have to pack, can use frozen rivers or splashing water to freeze the leveling land, only using human and animal husbandry can be a method of transport. The advantage is that you can use winter leisure, save packaging and reduce transportation. In ancient China, the northern emperor’s palace in Wanzhong was transplanted with trees.
Local (especially root) cold-tolerant native tree species are used. In areas where soil freezing is not very deep in winter, the soil can be moistened and moistened before the soil is frozen. When the temperature dropped to minus 12-15°C and the depth of soil was 20cm deep, earthballs were excavated with horned owls. The lower part has not been frozen yet. It can be parked in the pit for 2-3 days. It has not been filled with water in advance and the soil is not dry and frozen. It can be splashed with water to make it frozen. In areas where the soil is very frozen, in order to reduce the difficulty of excavation, excavation should be carried out in advance without deep freezing, and the water should be kept frozen. Digging a good tree, when it is not timely transplanted, should be covered with submerged grass and fallen leaves so as not to damage the root system due to sun exposure or cold wind. When transporting, the river should be fully frozen; when transporting it on the soil surface, mud land should be leveled in advance, and the period of splashing water or freezing water should be selected, or ice formation should be carried out by using this water at night to reduce the frictional drag.

Goji seed oil contains as much as 68.3% of linoleic acid and 2600 mg/kg of β-carotene, the highest among the existing vegetable oil. It can also be used for medical purpose.
The extraction rate of lycium seed oil through super-critical fluid (CO2) extraction is about 15%, highly pure and without additive and pigment.
Our products have passed the analysis test of the state quality supervision department and the designated department of the importing countries. All indicators have met the standard relevant to vegetable grease before the product is allowed into relevant markets.
The company has completed HACCP verification and passed ISO9001 certification, in addition, for the world market, it has got the European Union EEC2092/91, ECOCERT organic certification and USDAs National Organic Program (NOP) certification.
Function of Goji Seed Oil
1.      Disease Treatment
2.      Skin Whitening
3.      Freckles Reducing
4.      Sex Hormone Increasing
5.      Eye Care

Goji Seeds Oil

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