Organic fertilizer production technology

Bio-fermentation treatment of livestock and poultry manure technology With the strengthening of national environmental protection governance and the attention of social funds to the industry, the implementation of the national circular economy policy, the biological fermentation of livestock and poultry manure and the production of organic fertilizers in large-scale livestock farms will surely enter into vigorous The stage of development.
Hebi Renyuan Bio-fertilizer Technology R&D Center was established by Professor Li Ji, a composting expert of China Agricultural University. He is a professional engaged in the research, development and promotion of bio-fertilizer and organic fertilizer technologies using bio-fertilizers for livestock manure and crop straws. Research institutes. Professor Li Ji’s “Application of Compost Biological Bacteria in Biological Treatment of Solid Wastes in Farms” has passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal of the Ministry of Education. The results of the use of biological aerobic fermentation, livestock and poultry manure, crop straw decomposition in a short time, maturity to achieve harmless treatment. This method has the characteristics of convenient operation, simple process, low investment, etc. The current application range covers more than 10 domestic provinces and 25 cooperative manufacturers.
The RW series of biological fungicides newly developed and promoted by the center has the characteristics of rapid temperature rise, good deodorization effect, thorough decomposing, and the like, and can effectively warm up, deodorize, and sterilize protein and crude fiber in animal manure and crop straw. Decomposition, decomposition of fermentation for two weeks or so can be harmless and the country's organic fertilizer standards, is the ideal product for the production of organic fertilizer, biological fertilizer. It has been widely used in organic fertilizer plants, plantation parks, and large-scale farms.
Hebi Renyuan Biofertilizer Technology R&D Center Address: No. 3, Qianjin Road, Shancheng District, Hebi City, Henan Province Contact: Tang Yun Tel Fax Website: E-mail:

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