Hydraulic steering system troubleshooting

1, steering oil leakage. Most occur at the upper end of the valve stem O-ring or at the outer end of the bidirectional buffer valve. The main reason is the aging and damage of the seal ring. As long as the oil leak location is found, replace the new seal ring. 2. There is no dead point on the steering wheel. The steering wheel never hit the head. This is usually the case when we say "the steering wheel has no dead point." The reason is due to leakage of the bidirectional buffer valve or pressure misalignment. When the steering wheel is turned, an angular position difference occurs between the valve sleeve and the valve stem, and the high-pressure oil pump supplied by the hydraulic pump section is assigned to the steering cylinder after the steering gear is allocated to deflect the steering wheel. When the steering wheel is continuously hit, the steering cylinder rod is continuously extended (or retracted), and the wheel steadily deflects. When the steering wheel is turned to the extreme position, the steering wheel should appear dead. If it still turns, it indicates that the hydraulic oil supplied by the hydraulic pump leaked or flowed back from the two-way buffer valve to the tank. At this time, the pressure of the two-way buffer valve should be adjusted, and the valve plug and the valve seat should be tightly fitted. 3, stop the steering wheel, the locomotive continued to turn. This failure is mainly caused by the failure of the return spring side of the valve stem, which is generally caused by spring breakage. When the spring piece is broken, stop turning the steering wheel, the valve stem and the valve sleeve can not eliminate the angular position difference reset, and the steering machine continues to distribute the oil so that the steering can not be stopped. At this point should be replaced in time for the spring. 4. The steering wheel works intermittently. The steering wheel will work for a while, and it will not work for a while. This failure is mainly caused by the continuous shortage of oil supplied by the hydraulic pump or the continuous supply of oil. The plugging of the hydraulic oil pump into the oil network is the cause of this cause. 5, steering deviation. The main reason is that when the steering wheel stops rotating, there is still oil entering the cylinder, which means that the oil distribution is automatic, so that the valve plug and the valve stem cannot be guaranteed in the “neutral” position. The reason for the automatic oil distribution is the breakage of the dial-out, the failure of the spring plate, etc., and the corresponding replacement is made at this time. 6. Turning failure. That is, the turning angle of the steering gear is not proportional to the turning turn angle, and is mostly caused by the breaking of the spring sheet. At this point replacement of the spring can be restored to normal.

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