Chestnut preservation method commonly used

Chestnut is very good, but it is difficult to store, because chestnut fruit in the storage are afraid of dry, afraid of water, afraid of heat, afraid of freezing "four fears" characteristics, a little careless during storage, it will rotten degeneration. Now introduce some common chestnut traditional storage methods for reference. 1. Sand trap method: Spread a layer of straw on the cool indoor floor and then spread about 6 cm thick sand. The humidity of the sand is hand-kneaded into a group, so it is advisable to loosen it. Then press it on the sand. A layer of sand (3-6 cm thick per layer) of chestnut fruit alternately piled. After such accumulation, topped with 6-8 cm of wet sand, the top is covered with straw. Require inspection every two weeks, if the sand can be sprayed properly. In this way, storage of chestnuts can preserve freshness for about 4 months. 2, sawdust storage method: the use of fresh sawdust with a water content of about 30-35%, according to the ratio of 1:1 with chestnut fruit mixed into a cool and ventilated room, in advance by the amount of chestnut fruit box surrounded by the brick box In the box, a layer of 4-5 cm thick wood chips is poured on the ground, and then about 9 cm of wood chips are covered on top. During the storage period, always check the indoor temperature, humidity, ventilation conditions, and the condition of the chestnut. If the temperature is too high and the humidity is too high, ventilation is needed. Check the rotten fruit in time to prevent the spread. 3, cylinder altar method: the chestnut fruit into a dry clean small tank or fine mouth altar (must avoid using a wine cylinder or altar), loaded to the Bacheng full, in the cylinder (altar) mouth into the straw, Then place the tank (altar) upside down on a wooden board or dry ground. This kind of storage method is suitable for a small amount of chestnuts and can be kept fresh until the Spring Festival. 4, dry or hide method: the chestnut fruit into boiling water and cook for 5 minutes or the chestnut soaked in water for 2-3 days, remove and dry, and then into a ventilated container (basket, string bag, hit Hole plastic bags can be), frame (hang) empty let it dry. This method can be stored for a long time, the disadvantage is that when the storage time is too long, Li real water loss, the taste is less than fresh chestnut.

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