Tea tree and fruit tree frost damage remedies

The recent continuous cold weather has caused greater damage to tea trees and fruit trees. The majority of farmers should do a good job of remedial work after freezing. First, remedial measures of tea tree frost damage 1, pruning: For the lighter degree of cold damage and the original tea with a good picking surface, using light pruning, pruning level rather light deep, try to keep the picking surface; heavy damage should be deep pruning Or heavy pruning and even Taiwan. 2. Shallow ploughing and fertilization: After wintering damage occurs, the spring bud germination fertilizer should be re-applied. The amount of fertilizer should be increased by about 20% compared with the original, and a certain amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be applied at the same time. After the freezing period of the tea plant, the spring buds will When the leaves were unfolded, the spraying of sparsely applied leafy fertilizers such as tea leaves could promote the regeneration of tea trees, the sprouting of tea shoots and the growth of new shoots. 3. Cultivate the tree canopy: tea trees that have been lightly pruned after being frozen, spring tea picking should leave one large leaf, and summer and autumn teas are routinely picked. Frosted tea trees that can be heavily pruned or banned should be cultivated. Second, the remedial measures of frost damage of fruit trees 1, to do a good job pruning pruning of fruit trees, the snow pressure damaged branches are bandaged, the pruning of the branches cut pruning, wound treatment with wound protection agent, quickly remove the frozen frozen leaves , Do a good job of freezing and keeping warm to prevent freezing damage. 2. Increase the temperature of sloping soil and use thin-soil fertilizers, which are mainly available nitrogen fertilizers, for thin and hard-working plants.

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