Zhu Dinghong's Winter Management

In Zhuninghong, which is potted in Shanghai and Ningxia, when bulbous bulbs develop to 7-8cm, they can twitch and blossom in the late spring and early summer. Now in the late fall season, we must give sufficient light to Zhu Dinghong and timely application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. This will help the bulbs accumulate nutrients and lay a material foundation for flower bud differentiation. In November, all the leaves could be cut off from the base due to the significantly reduced photosynthetic efficiency of the leaves. The watering and top dressing of the pots were stopped, the pots were dried, and the plants were forced to stop growing and enter a dormant state. This reduces the consumption of bulb nutrients. The pots are still outdoors. In winter, cover the bulbs or cover the old newspapers with 3-5 layers to incubate the bulbs for winter. Practice has proved that this practice bulb will not be frozen, which facilitates the further development of flower buds. In late March and March, the bulbs were dug up and re-washed. Expose the top of the bulb to the soil surface when planting. At this time normal water and fertilizer management began to meet their lighting conditions. With the advent of sunny weather, the top of the bulbs both grow leaves and draw out stout flowers and flowers. In this way, it is certain that the plants will bloom for many years. The first flower-cultivators saw the lush green leaves of Zhu Dianhong's plants still growing at the end of the fall and winter, and they were reluctant to cut them. They also moved inside to continue their growth. Little do they know that the growth of winter leaves consumes a large amount of nutrients in bulbs and affects the differentiation of flower buds, often resulting in only leaves not seen in the following year.

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