Seven Measures for Winter Insulation in Greenhouses

Cold insulation is an important measure for safe wintering in greenhouses, and it is also the key to increase production and income in the coming year. Therefore, it must not be taken lightly and should be given enough attention. According to the relevant experts, the following seven measures can be taken to ensure the insulation of cold weather in greenhouses: 1. To increase the permeability of the greenhouse membrane, a highly translucent, non-drip membrane should be used. It is also necessary to timely remove dust, snow, and other debris on the shed film in order to enhance the light and increase the temperature of the shed. Second, to improve the straw insulation properties Shed curtains covered in the greenhouse should be tight, in order to improve the insulation properties, in order to prevent rain and snow in the winter season to wet straw curtain, straw can be covered with a layer of ordinary agricultural film or old film . Third, to increase the thermal insulation of the back wall When building the back wall, a layer of bricks can be placed on the wall, or a hollow thermal insulation wall can be built. The wall can be filled with straw or polyphenylene foam boards. The cold wall can be directly built to increase the temperature of the greenhouse. 4. Excavate the cold-proof ditch outside the shed to dig into a cold-proof ditch with a depth of 40-60 cm and a width of 40-50 cm outside the greenhouse, fill in insulation materials such as sawdust, weeds, horse dung, and straw, and then cover the soil-sealing groove with practicality. Cold insulation effect is good. When the cold current approaches, straw or corn stalks can be added around the shed at night to increase the temperature of the shed by 2-3 degrees Celsius. 5. Ditch the shed and dig back into the furrow along the planting line 30-35 centimeters, dig 45 cm in depth and 50 cm in width, and lay 5 cm of rice husk or wheat bran on the bottom of the ditch. 50 centimeters to hit a wooden stake. The top of the gully is covered with corn straw with a length of 60-70 cm and a diameter of 10 cm. The soil is used in the ditch. Except for the operation side, the rest of the ground is covered with a mulch. The whole shed forms an “s”-shaped channel that communicates with each other. Set up openings in high places and turn them on or off in time to control the ground temperature. Sixth, the establishment of temporary warming measures can be set in the shed temporarily 2-3 heaters with power of 1600-2500w. Do not directly face the plant in the direction of the heater outlet. 7. Hang a light curtain in the greenhouse. Hang a plastic film or foil coated with a metal layer on the back wall of the greenhouse. Hang 1 meter every 21-3 meters to reduce the absorption of heat energy by the wall and increase the temperature inside the greenhouse. -3°C.

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