Failure Analysis and Countermeasure of Electronic Torque Wrench

Analysis of the Causes of Failure of Electronic Torque Wrench
The working principle of the torque wrench is that after the motor is decelerated by the planetary gear mechanism, the power is transmitted to the impact head, and the two convex heads of the impact head are driven by the trigger shaft to rotate the shaft, and the power output is completed by the trigger shaft. After the torque wrench has been used for a period of time, the output power drops. As the equipment continues to be used, the output power continues to drop until it fails to work.

Lianyi Electromechanical dismantled the electric torque wrench and found that all the used torque wrenches had severe wear and tear on the shaft surface. The worn working face is a bevel that is at an angle of about 45 degrees to the original working face, which will disperse the impact force acting on the trigger shaft during operation. After the impact force is dispersed, the force applied to the internal components of the torque wrench also changes.

Countermeasures for the failure of torque wrench equipment
Through argumentation, the main reasons for equipment failure were identified. As long as the wear problem is solved, the service life of the electric wrench can be effectively extended. Since the shaft wear is much more severe than the impact head, the problem of the shaft wear is solved first. If this problem is solved, the impact head wear problem will be solved. The integral shaft is changed to a split type, and the working surface of the shaft can be disassembled, and after a period of use, it can be replaced according to the wear condition. The movable working surface can be individually selected with suitable materials to achieve high mechanical properties through a reasonable processing process. Therefore, high carbon steel is used for the heat treatment process of medium temperature tempering after quenching. The thus processed movable working surface has both high hardness and toughness so that it does not break when subjected to impact. And it can be processed in large quantities, and it can meet the requirements of long-term replacement with one processing, which is very convenient.


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