Three major contradictions in food packaging machines

In recent years, the food industry has developed rapidly in China, and the competition among food manufacturers has intensified. Of course, it has led to the development of the related processing and packaging machinery industry. At present, domestic food packaging processing machinery has formed a relatively complete product system in terms of common technology and conventional equipment, but it is still unsatisfactory in key equipment and key technologies.

In the context of the booming Chinese food industry, in the various debates surrounding the market and industry, people have neglected the development of an integral part of the industrial chain of packaging processing machinery technology. At present, there are some contradictions in the development of China's food packaging machinery industry:

1. The contradiction between the low level of primary products and the high safety requirements of end products Foods are high-priority foods. In the process of processing and packaging, it is necessary to ensure that the microbial indicators of the end products meet the requirements of food safety. There is a big gap between the microbiological indicators of food in China and the indicators of developed countries. This requires that the technical performance of the processing and packaging equipment used in the food processing process has higher requirements in terms of ensuring the safety of the end product. That is to say, from the process of each process of the packaging process, from the technical state of the equipment must be guaranteed. Minimize the impact that may be caused by process equipment technology. However, various food companies compete for the market in order to make their own products different advantages, artificial thickening and fragrance treatment of raw materials, changing the original processing technology of raw materials, thus further increasing the technology of related processing packaging equipment. responsibility.

2. Only by improving the consistency and continuity of equipment health and safety can we deal with the original technological changes of this raw material. The contradiction between the special requirements of the industry and the lack of compound technical talents is a comprehensive result of related technical disciplines in food processing and packaging equipment, and also a key technology and equipment that needs to be broken in China. The food processing packaging equipment industry is an industry with special requirements; from a technical perspective, manufacturers should have biochemical pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing technology, experience of food processing technologists, the ability of automated integration technology and the means of total quality control. Quality.

3. To break through key technologies, in addition to sufficient R&D funding support, it is more important to be able to digest and absorb relevant foreign advanced technologies, and to use innovative means of breakthrough and integration to improve the overall performance of equipment. Sex and high security. This requires high-quality composite talents with technical integration and innovation capabilities. Due to the development history and capital structure of the industry, the extreme lack of high-quality talents has become an indisputable fact, and has become a bottleneck restricting the development of the industry's technological level.

The contradiction between the development pattern of the industry and the lack of macro orientation The particularity of the food packaging machinery industry is characterized by wide technology span, comprehensiveness and large market development space. However, the composition of the industry's capital is relatively simple, the pattern is relatively scattered, the enterprises are mutually blocked, the technology is monopolized, and the phenomenon of closed doors is more serious. At the technical level, most of them are low-level common conventional equipment production, high-quality talents are extremely scarce, and there are only a handful of manufacturers with independent innovation and research and development capabilities.

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