New breakthrough in the processing of bamboo shoots

Due to the thick meat content, high moisture content and long drying time, the processing of bamboo shoots is generally carried out by slicing, and a small amount of charcoal is used for baking. However, the baked product is not gray in color or white in color, and it is high in baking and high in energy consumption. The energy cost per kilogram of dried bamboo shoots is as high as 12 yuan.

In order to solve the technical problems of bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots processing, the agricultural machinery technology promotion station of Huizhou District, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, through research and analysis, successfully solved the baking equipment with electricity as heat energy. The equipment is displayed in the large-scale processing of the four villages in Chengkun Town. It has uniform temperature and high efficiency (100 kg of dried bamboo shoots can be baked in 16 hours, equivalent to 2400 kg of raw materials), and the cost is low (more than the traditional baking method per kilogram of finished bamboo shoots) It can save half of the fuel cost) and has no pollution. It has solved the technical problem for the industrialized production of bamboo shoots.
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