Teach you how to choose the correct coordinate measuring machine

The CMM touches the workpiece through a sensor called the probe, and the acquired data can be combined with the dimensional description of the workpiece or a workpiece feature such as a hole. With these dimensional descriptions, it is relatively easy to determine if the workpiece or feature is out of tolerance. This information also provides clues to correct aberrations in the production process that cause out-of-tolerance.

If a CMM is exactly what you need for your job, how do you choose the best? The first thing to determine is which type of CMM is to be purchased. There are three basic types of orientation based on the placement of the probe on the measuring machine: vertical, horizontal and portable.

The vertical coordinate measuring machine mounts the probe on the vertical arm. The accuracy of this type of measuring machine is higher than that of a horizontal measuring machine because the bridge structure is relatively stable and there are fewer moving parts, making them more rigid and stable. Vertical CMMs are available in a variety of sizes to measure the body from pinion gears to engine blocks and even commercial aircraft.

The horizontal measuring machine mounts the probe on the horizontal axis. They are generally used to detect large workpieces, such as the body of a car, with a medium level of accuracy.

The portable measuring machine simplifies the measurement of workpieces and assemblies that cannot be moved to the measuring machine. The portable measuring machine can be mounted on or even inside the workpiece or assembly, which allows the measurement of the internal space and allows the user to measure at the assembly site. This saves time in moving, transporting and measuring individual workpieces.

In order to keep the CMM stable, in the design process, the quality is generally increased by increasing the cross-section of the structural components, increasing the distance of the air bearing, increasing the driving force of the motor, and optimizing the material of the selected structure based on weight and temperature performance. Rigidity improves measurement accuracy, repeatability, and measurement speed and acceleration. These principles are also applied to some horizontal shop-type CMMs that combine the flexibility of a horizontal measuring machine with the high precision of a vertical design.

The direction of the horizontal measurement makes the measurement machine and the horizontal machine tool processing equipment more reasonable. They are especially suitable for measuring large gearboxes and engine housings that require high precision measurements.

The addition of the turntable makes four axes possible, and the two-arm configuration is also achievable, all measuring the direction of the workpiece. The horizontal arm configuration makes it easy to load and unload workpieces, and the small, shop-type horizontal arm measuring machine is suitable for high-speed production.

On the basis of purchasing suitable and reliable energy measuring machines, you also need to fully consider the technical strength and application and technical service capabilities of the measuring machine suppliers, whether they have localized technology and long-term comprehensive development strength, and have many Customer base and broad awareness. Guaranteed long-term and high-efficiency operation of the measuring machine through timely and reliable technical service support and spare parts guarantee. At the same time, with a professional training and application support team, customers can easily cope with a variety of complex measurement tasks.

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