Selection of compressors in the evaporator

Selection of compressors in the evaporator
The evaporator is the most energy-efficient evaporator in today's evaporative concentration equipment, and its core equipment---compressor material also has many options. Among them, the most widely used Roots compressors are mainly made of 304 stainless steel and carbon steel nickel plated.

Roots compressor: The Roots compressor is used in the MVR evaporator. It adopts the three-blade rotor structure, which relies on the volume difference generated when the two rollers rotate to push the steam to achieve the secondary steam pressure increase. The effect of this system makes the mvr evaporator system relatively stable and efficient.

The choice of material has a decisive influence on the life of the machine compared to compressors operating in high temperature and high humidity environments. Compressors made of carbon steel are often not well used due to the corrosion phenomenon of carbon steel materials, and the life is limited. For stainless steel Roots compressors, because the rollers are made of stainless steel, many corrosive vapors, such as alcohol and ammonia, have high corrosion resistance. Can be suitable for a relatively large evaporation environment. However, a fatal disadvantage of stainless steel compressors is that stainless steel is much softer than carbon steel, so the roller deformation during operation is relatively large, and the compressor design process achieves high working efficiency and small air leakage. The gap between the two rollers of the Roots compressor is often very small. After running for a few months, the gap between the two rollers is gradually reduced due to the deformation of the roller, and finally they are bonded together, and the two rollers will be snapped together and cannot be rotated, causing the system to malfunction.

So what kind of material is used to make the compressor roller?

In recent years, through the technical research and development and continuous experiments, it is better to use the carbon steel nickel-plated compressor roller. The compressor roller of this material can maintain the good mechanical strength of carbon steel and play the role of nickel. Excellent corrosion resistance of the material. The overall life can be increased to more than 10 years.

However, due to the high cost of carbon steel plated compressors, there is no universal application. But ultimately, considering the longevity of the system and stable operation, sometimes it is necessary to increase the investment appropriately.

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