What should you pay attention to when working on the crusher?

After the crusher enters the normal crushing work, the following items must be observed and observed during operation:
(1) Check the operation, there should be no abnormal knocking sound inside the crusher. Special circumstances should be stopped immediately. The particle size of the I mine is not more than 0.8 times that of the ore supply. The lower part of the discharge chute and the broken cone should not be blocked by the ore. Otherwise, the ore will be lifted by the broken cone and the ore powder will enter the eccentric shaft, causing an accident.
(2) Pay attention to the operation of the oil pump, and check the oil flow indicator, oil temperature and oil pressure indications everywhere. The temperature of the oil after passing through the cooler should not be higher than 45.53~C, the return oil temperature should not be higher than 60'E, and the oil should be supplied to the upper suspension device on time.
(3) Pay attention to check the tightness of the V-belt. Use the thumb to press the V-belt to measure the tension. If the pressure is not more than 1.5. m, the elastic is appropriate (measurement must be before or after parking). Check for cracks and be careful not to stick the oil to the V-belt.
(4) It should be checked frequently whether the connecting pin between the beam, the middle frame and the base is loose and the gap is equal to 15·Omm along the circumference.
(5) Check the lining of each part for looseness, lack of and severe wear.
(6) Strictly check the ore supply situation and prevent metal objects such as hammers and bits from entering the crushing chamber.
(7) Accidents occur during operation (such as chute blocked by ore, oil stop, oil temperature exceeding 60~C, taper gear knocking), and should be disposed of immediately according to the prescribed procedures.


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