Short stature related to one-year-old diet

According to child health experts, short stature begins in the first year of life and continues into the second year. Breastfeeding, illiteracy of mothers, mother care, diarrhea, and family income are related factors affecting children's height, while breastfeeding and complementary food supplementation The intake of optimal nutrients for children plays an extremely important role.

The complete breastfeeding of the baby 4 to 6 months after birth can meet the needs of the infant's growth and development of heat energy and various nutrients. If you add a sip of water or other diet at this stage, your baby will eat less breastmilk, and it will increase the likelihood of infants suffering from diarrhea. A study of 10,000 children in 1998 showed that the risk of short stature for non-pure breast-feeding infants was 2.2 times that of exclusively breast-fed infants, and the risk of developing diarrhea was also increased by 2.7-fold. The incidence of short stature in exclusively breastfed infants was reduced by 25% compared to breastfed infants who had mixed with water or added other foods, especially foods.

When the baby is 4 to 6 months old, the baby must start adding supplementary foods. Some young parents give their children food supplements mainly rice and noodles, and insufficient intake of eggs, lean meat, and beans. Due to the small size of the baby's stomach, foods such as rice and noodles can easily make the baby feel full, but the energy and nutrient content can not meet the child's growth and development requirements. Research and practice have confirmed that the heat energy and nutrients needed for children's growth and development are mainly from animal foods and vegetables such as zinc and iron. Infants from 18 months to 24 months have an increase of 10% in the proportion of animal foods added to food. The incidence of short stature has decreased by 2.6%. Similar results can be obtained by adding vegetables and fruits.

Experts proposed that the scientific dietary structure of infants and young children should be established to improve the children's nutritional status within 18 months.

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