Botany traits and growth habits of kiwifruit (2)

3. The leaf primordia of buds and leaves of kiwifruit are all formed in the leaf buds. After the buds grow into new shoots, their number of leaves is the same as that of the bud inner leaves. The buds are protected by hairy scales, and the leaf package is mixed. Or light green. The size of the leaves is related to the age of the male and female plants. Most of them are heart-shaped, jagged, and whether the leaves on both sides are covered with hair. The hard and soft hair is one of the characteristics of distinguishing breeds. 4. The flowers of Chinese kiwifruit are morphologically bisexual, with apparent ovary and stamens on the outside, but the ovary of male plants is infertile, male pollen is more and the ovary is degenerated. Ovary is carpel-synthetic and has many radial flowers. The pollen of female flowers is ineffective. Therefore, when planting, it is necessary to plant female and male plants at the same time, which seems to guarantee pollination. At present, there is no effective method of identifying female and male before the female and male plants of the sapling enter into flowering. Flowers are born at the leaves of the new shoots. The male plants usually have 1-3 flowers in an inflorescence. The female plants have only one flower. There are very few two flowers and three flowers are less. Different varieties, the number of flowers inflorescence sometimes have differences. For example, the Hayward variety has 1 to 7 flowers on one branch, and some of the flowers are degraded, giving up to 4-5 normal-size fruits. 5, the fruit is berry, different shapes. There are round, oblong, oval or obround and so on. The skin is tan and hairy. The fruit is born from fruit stems on the resulting branches and there is no fruit drop before harvest. The cultivation of the same variety in different regions and conditions has different fruit sizes. The fruit consists of many hearts, which are composed of exocarp (carpel outer wall), mesocarp (fruit pulp), endocarp (carpel inner wall), seeds and axial placentas. 6. The seed of the Chinese kiwi seed is small, yellow-brown, about 850 seeds per gram, about 1.2 grams of grain weight.

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