How to blossom roses

"One branch only thanks to a branch, since the spring work is not free." The Chinese rose in the four seasons, and it is constantly blooming. Rose flowers like water, sunshine. To make the rose more blooming, we must master its habits and work hard on management. The Chinese rose has more flowers and more fertilizer, so it is better to use more fertilizing materials and apply organic fertilizer before germination. For the potted rose, the pot should be changed once in the early spring. The formula for the potted soil is: loam 5, rot leaf 2, soil 2 and sand 1. Add a small amount of cake and mix well. After every 10 to 15 days, topdressing once. Fertilizer can be applied to the water by applying liquid fertilizer with cake fertilizer and phosphorus fertilizer. In particular, after the full bloom in May, fertilizer should be promptly applied to promote summer and autumn flowering. The rose season should be fully accepted by the sun. It is advisable to keep the light for 8 hours every day. If you are watching indoors, you should move in before 11am and move out before 4pm. This way you can enjoy the soft light before and after noon to extend the flowering time. The rose is in a semi-dormant state above 33°C, and is most conducive to growth when the average temperature is 20°C to 25°C. Therefore, proper shading and multiple water sprays should be performed in summer. Cooling and moisturizing: In the growing season, it is best to spray water once in the morning and afternoon to create a moist environment and promote the growth of flowers and leaves. After the Chinese rose blossoms, it should be cut off under the third compound leaf in order to promote the development of new branches and early buds. Trimming technology points are: weak short branches first cut, high shear, strong branches after the cut, short cut, in order to promote the weak and strong, and promote its flowering and tidy. The length of the long branches should not be more than 1/2, so as to avoid the delay of germination of axillary buds. In addition, each flower should not be too many flowers, potted rose to 3 to 5 is appropriate, depending on the strength of the planting season depends on the plant. Too much nutrients are too scattered, flowers are small and affect the flowers. Therefore, after sprouting should be selected to stay strong buds, cut off in the upper part of 2.5 cm, the lower weak buds removed. After budding should be selected the top bud, remove buds between leaves.

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