Artemisia sphaerocephala sowing and management techniques in autumn

The sowing date for Artemisia halodendron is from late August to late September. The field with fertile soil, loose soil, good water retention and fertility, and convenient irrigation and drainage is selected. After ploughing and thinning, it is made to have a width of 1-1.2 meters and a length of 10 meters. - 15 meters of rice dumplings, Mushi cooked 3500-4000 kg of manure, with SF compound fertilizer 15-20 kg as base fertilizer. Varieties can choose to use large leaf varieties, drilling or sowing can be. The drilling distance is 8-10 cm, the sowing footage is 5-6 cm, and the seed amount is 2.5-3 kg per mu. Can also be broadcast, density 3.5 cm square, with 0.85 kg per mu. Seed soaking for 24-28 hours before sowing, remove and germinate under 15-20°C environment to keep moist and rinse once a day. Cover soil 1.5 cm thick after sowing. To prevent weeds, 48% trifluralin emulsion can be used before sowing, spraying 100-150 ml of water and 50-60 kg of water. After emergence, the soil is often kept moist. The first top dressing is carried out on the four true leaves of the plant. The rate of applying urea is 5-7.5 kg per acre; the second application of fertilizer is applied to 8-10 leaves, and the top dressing is 7.5 mu per mu. -10 kg urea. About 40 days after sowing, the seedlings can be harvested at a height of about 15 cm, and can be cut with a knife, scissors, or hand spade. 1-2 days after harvest, 7.5 kg of urea was topdressed to promote collateral growth. It is harvested once every 20 days or so, until it blooms. If eucomania is found to have leaf blight, use 50% acetaminophen WP 1500 times or 50% benomyl WP 1500 times, alternately, spray once every 6-7 days, even spray 3- 4 times. China Agricultural Network Editor

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