Small round bottle labeling machine details

First, the process :

Put bottle → bottle split → fiber inspection → labeling → finished product

Second, technical parameters :

Power supply voltage: 220V 50/60HZ 2.5KW     Container range: ∮ 20 — 60mm High 30 — 100mm

Labeling speed: 20m /min20 — 200 bottles / min   Labeling accuracy: ± 1mm ( except for the error between the sticker and the label itself )

Label range: height 10 -90mm ,   Length 20 -130mm ,    (paper roll inner diameter∮ 76mm Paper roll outer diameter∮ 350mm

Label gap 3mm Label roll clockwise)

Machine size: 1600m m × 650mm × 1400mm      Weight : 100Kg

Third, the applicable items :

Round or conical objects such as glass bottles and plastic bottles. Can work independently or connect the conveyor line.

Fourth, the purchase of equipment :

1 , high-speed hot stamping machine 350 times / min, labeling speed 250 bottles / min, selected

2 , copper or steel

3 , feeding carousel

4 , inkjet printer

5 , transparent label detector


UV Light Application

For our uv light application

1.The uv light use for HVAC system

This products emits germicidal ultraviolet(UV-C) lights to help disinfect the cooling coil,drain pan,and internal surfaces of HVAC systems for improved indoor air quality.,also use for applications in the food processing and beverage industries as well as medical and laboratory sterilization applications.

2.The uv light use in kitchen

Ultraviolet (UV) treatment is also being incorporated into new kitchen ventilation

design. UV light breaks down grease molecules into smaller harmless compounds

carbon dioxide and water vapor, which are carried out with the exhaust airflow.

Mainly use High Ozone UV Lamp, we have GPH1630T5VH/HO


3.The uv light use in water treatment.

UV Light Application

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