New breed of pigs into Yibin farmers love

“Is it changed?” This is a very popular greeting recently among pig farmers in Yibin County, Sichuan Province. It almost replaces “eat it?”

Compared with meat quality, growth ratio, and specific body type, what is conversational about nutritional balance, what is scientific formula, and what is pollution-free? Farmers have increasingly studied pigs. A few days ago, during an interview with the relevant person in charge of the Yibin County Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau and the large pig farmers, the author strongly felt an upsurge in the unprecedented upgrading of live pig breeds.

“The county has nearly 100,000 heads of fertile sows, of which 38% have been replaced with new and improved varieties.” Yang Jianping, Director of the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of Yibin County, said that “excellent breeds” refer to the replacement of “tertiary hybrids”. It became a "three-way hybrid of foreigners." The lean meat percentage of the new breed increased from 54% to 62%, and the slaughter rate increased by 3 to 5%, which was greatly welcomed by farmers. “The development law of the aquaculture industry is wavy. When wave troughs are implemented, they can catch up with the breed and upgrade. The peak can catch up and make big money.” Yang Jianping said that they are stepping up the introduction of the newest PIC variety in the United States. The lean meat ratio can reach 65%. The county has trained 1073 households with pigs and it is expected that the latest varieties will be introduced in October.

“When the price of pigs just started to go down in the second half of last year, I changed the pigs.” Zhao Chunfu of Chenqiao Village in Shuangyi Township is undoubtedly an earlier batch of farmers in Yibin County. “At that time, the local sows each The price is about 700 yuan, and the price of the good sow is about 3,000 yuan per head. At that time, it tried to buy one, did not want to try a standard." Zhao Chunfu told the author, now the price of ordinary pig pigs only 3 yuan Many, but his pig can sell more than 4 yuan, but also sells several high-quality breeding sows at high prices. A thoroughbred sow not only greatly reduced the loss of Zhao Chunfu in the pig price drop, but also made him an object of appreciation for many farmers.

As the president of the Hongyuan Swine Association, Zhang Aihua from Qingyun Village, Gaochang Town is very fond of new breeds of pigs. "This type of pig's hind leg muscles are very developed and can't be seen from the back of the pig's ears." Zhang Aihua said, "Last year we began to change the species. In the first two days, we organized a group of people to go to the field. In a circle, pigs fed by humans can kill nearly 35 kilograms of lean meat per 50 kilograms, which is about 20% higher than our 'Trinity Dollar'. Other people's pigs still need to pay a deposit to pay for every 500 grams. Yuan, and our 'tertiary yuan' is 500 yuan per 500 grams." A series of digital analysis expresses Zhang Aihua's love for new breeds of pigs.

“Before we were accustomed to broth dumplings, we had a meal, we had a hard time, and the pigs didn’t grow well enough.” said Du Guiming, a large pig producer in Douba Village, Anbian Town. “Now we are feeding new breeds of pigs on the farm one day.” Feeding 2.5 kg of formula feed is all right. Pigs are well absorbed and grow well. Animal husbandry staff often check the growth of the pig to see if there is an outbreak.” Du Guiming told the author that he was planning to promote the method of fostering through sows. The new breed will allow the pig farmers in the village to raise a good sow without spending a penny, so that everyone can get rich.

How to raise newly-purchased improved sows has become the primary problem for farmers. Yang Jianping said that high-quality pigs have higher requirements in feed formulation, balanced nutrition, epidemic prevention and other aspects. To this end, the County Bureau of Animal Husbandry began organizing human and material resources for publicity in various towns and towns since February of this year, and strengthened supervision from such aspects as provenance, feed, breeding procedures, and epidemic prevention. “We will strive to complete the pig breeds within the next 3 to 5 years. Completely upgraded."

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