Processing of Tenebrio

Tenebrio mealworms, commonly known as breadworms, are succulent mollusks with a fat content and a protein content of 50%. In addition, when the mealworms grow to 2 to 3 cm in length, all of them can be used as fodder except for the selection of elite seeds. When used, live insects can be directly fed to animals such as poultry and special aquatic products, or they can be ground into powder or pulp and fed into the feed. The general feeding pigs are suitable for insect powder, and aquatic animals and young birds are suitable for feeding the paste and fresh insects.
1. Insect powder will put fresh insects into the pan to fry dry or put fresh insects in boiling water to boil (1 to 2 minutes), remove, place in ventilated place to dry, or put in drying room to dry, and then use to crush Machine crushed into adult powder.
2. The insect pests directly put the insects into the slurry, and then mix the insect slurry into the feed, or mix the insect slurry and the feed and dry them for use.
Source: Zhongshan Agricultural Information Network

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