Development and Research of Digital Operating Room Information Integration Control Platform

The digital operating room is an important part of hospital digital construction. One of its research hotspots is to build a digital operating room information platform. Foreign countries have relatively mature products, but they are expensive, have high maintenance costs, and have high integration requirements. They are not developed for the process management characteristics of domestic hospital operating rooms, and cannot fully meet the actual requirements for the construction of digital operating rooms in most hospitals in China. Some domestic units have also carried out research and development of digital operating room information systems, mostly based on video broadcast systems, and have not fully considered the integration and application of information. Through nearly 2 years of cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, we have jointly developed an operating room information integration and control platform to transmit surgically-related information safely, effectively and clearly to surgical participants (surgeons, nurses, Consultation experts, etc.) and surgeons.

Information sources related to surgery include: basic patient information, images (X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, pathology, etc.), test parameters, physiological monitoring parameters, anesthesia parameters, surgical video, surgical environment, surgical instruments, etc. Text, signals, graphics, images, video, etc., are characterized by large amount of information, many sources of information, and high value. Based on the above information collection, transmission, display, management and control, this research develops an integrated control platform, which mainly realizes the following basic functions: access display and control of information such as HIS, PACS, LIS, and collection of physiological monitoring parameters. Display; acquisition, display and control of surgical video images (endoscope, shadowless or headlight camera, scene camera); information management of surgical equipment and consumables; surgical arrangement and process management. Other features include: remote teaching, expert consultation, surgical observation, video interaction between doctors and family members, online graphics and voice interactions for surgical sections by surgeons and pathologists.

The development of the platform is based on a mobile workstation. The hardware architecture of the operating room is mainly composed of video server, HL7 interface, ip network interface, optional vertical display, data service PC, and liquid crystal display. The information is realized by self-programming software. Acquisition, and switching display and control at each display terminal; the external operating room structure is composed of a doctor workstation, a nurse workstation, a classroom terminal, a viewing room terminal, a surgical arrangement and a status display terminal, and an ip network (ordinary network cable or fiber optic network). The main technical performance indicators considered in the design include: real-time, stability, security, image resolution and so on.

The platform has been initially clinically applied in our hospital. It is easy to operate, flexible, easy to move, and can be shared by multiple operating rooms. It can efficiently provide comprehensive digital information related to surgery and greatly improve the digital level of the operating room. Improve surgical efficiency and enhance the quality and safety of surgery.

BIO scope S1 is a digital handheld scope used to record digital photographs and videos.

It is mainly used in hospital, Clinic and medical departments for doctors and nurses to examine ear.



1. Bigger LED Screen 3.5 inch with 720*480 resolution
2. Never hot lens with 300 thousand pixel
3. Disposable earmuff
4. examine external ear and middle ear

5. cerumen,otitis media, ear infections, perforation of tympanic membrane checking

6. Small & Light to hold, Easy to carry with aluminum box

7. Rechargeable Li-On battery to ensure 4 hours continuous working at least

8. Cheaper price

9. CE mark




Resolution 720X480
Light source Natural white(LED)
LCD 3.5 inches special LCD screen
Minimum color difference for different viewing angle
File format JPEG,BMP,AVI
Media Micro SD flash card
Interface 1 mini USB,1 AV-OUT,1 SD card slot
Power supply rechargeable lithium battery
External power 110V~220V AC 50/60HZ, Output DC 5V 500MA
Working time 3 hours for continuous working
Charging time 5 hours

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