Green Rong Red Meat Pomelo Antifreeze Measures

Red pomelo grapefruit planting period in the beginning of spring and autumn, red meat honey pomelo seedlings use cold-resistant grapefruit as the rootstock, suitable for planting temperature can be at minus 8 degrees, but the temperature is close to the next 8 degrees and the next frost to do a good job Antifreeze measures. Antifreeze should be prevented in advance. First, it is necessary to solve the problem of good local conditions, choose a suitable ecological garden, and establish a protective forest for large red meat grapefruit gardens. Based on this work, we will do the following cold and antifreeze work in the following year:

1. Apply basal fertilizer to prevent post-harvest deciduous fertilization. Apart from reasonable application of N, P, and K, pay attention to the application of fertilizers such as Ca, Mg, Zn, and B. Organic manure should be used more for fertilizer types, and organic N fertilizer applied at least annually should account for 30% of the total annual N amount. Fertilizer on heavy heavy fertilizer for the summer (from late June to early July application), the annual 40% to 50% of the N fertilizer, 60% to 70% P, K fertilizer, 100% organic fertilizer In the summer. Before and after fruit harvesting, the fruit fertilizer was applied one week before and after, and the fertilizer accounted for 30% of the whole year. Compound fertilizers or applied grass ash, organic livestock and poultry fertilizers, cake fertilizers, coke soil, green manure and other hot fertilizers were used. Spray 0.3% to 0.5% urea plus 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate immediately after harvest.

2. Timely fruit picking in batches According to the maturity of the fruit, it can be harvested in 2 to 3 batches, especially in the Dainian trees. It should be harvested in batches to prevent the physiological water shortage caused by the one-time harvest, resulting in leaf defoliation and low resistance. Cold ability.

3. Red-plumded grapefruit gardens with irrigation and heat preservation conditions can be used for irrigation (perfusion) 2 to 3 days before the onset of frost, and the microclimate of the orchard can be adjusted by utilizing the characteristic of large specific heat of water, and the soil temperature can be reduced to increase the depth of permafrost and increase the orchard's Air humidity, so as to reduce the role of freeze-dried.

4. Soil, grass cover cream before the use of internal ditch, ladder wall soil or soil 15 ~ 20cm thick cover the roots and stems, can increase the ground temperature 2.5 ~ 5 °C. The ground covers grass, sawdust, and other dead objects or uses the winter grass growing in the park to cover the ground, which has the effect of reducing the temperature of white leeches and increasing the temperature at night. The juvenile tree can be erected on a tripod and covered with straw to increase the temperature by 2°C. After the seedlings are covered with a layer of straw, they are covered with a layer of film to form an arch, or covered with grass curtains to cover the wind.

5. Burning smoke stack This is a good measure of antifreeze. On frosty nights, put 5 to 6 cigarettes per 667 square meters of parkland, which will produce smoke in the evening and inhibit radiation countercurrent and prevent frost.

6. Spraying the steam suppressing and insulating agent Before the low temperature arrives, spraying the steam suppressing and insulating agent on the citrus canopy can inhibit the water transpiration of the leaves, reduce the heat loss of the tree body, and reduce the loss of frost damage.

7. The trunk is coated with white or banded white trunk is mainly reflected by the use of white lime, reducing the sunny endothermic, reducing the temperature difference between day and night, to prevent the frozen skin, and prevention and control of pests and diseases. The whitening agent is generally formulated in the proportion of quicklime 10kg, sulfur powder 1kg, salt 0.2kg, water 30-40kg, and the main trunk base is evenly painted on a sunny day. Some orange farmers use straw to wrap up the trunk and also have a certain amount of cold and antifreeze effects. In addition, it is necessary to remove the late-autumn late-autumn shoots as soon as possible, and it is forbidden to spray lime-sulfur compound, pineine mixture, expand soils, deepen the soil, and cut large branches under frosty weather or long-term dry climate conditions. Http://

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