Warm mosquitoes to pigs to prevent Japanese encephalitis

As the weather gets warmer, mosquitoes begin a new year's life cycle. Mosquitoes can infect many diseases. The pig "Jen" is one of the major zoonoses transmitted by mosquitoes. The following describes the features of the disease and preventive measures. It is hoped that the pig farmers can prevent the pig's "JE" disease in time to avoid the disease and cause losses.

Popular features: pig "J brain", the full name of Japanese encephalitis pig, is a zoonotic infectious disease caused by the virus, which not only caused the death of pigs, but also can infect humans and cause human health problems. Great harm.

The disease is transmitted by mosquitoes. Therefore, the disease occurs in all seasons when mosquitoes are active. JE virus can infect the fetus through the placenta. Pigs of all breeds, ages, and sexes are all contagious. If they are less than 6 months old, they are more likely to die. Once the pig's "JE" is cured, it will no longer occur for the second time.

Clinical features: Increased body temperature by 40°C to 41°C, fecal dryness, flushing of the conjunctiva of the eye, paralysis of the hindlimbs, unsteady walking, and shaking. When a sow has a pregnancy infection, she suffers from miscarriage and stillbirth. The boar develops orchitis, mostly unilateral, with initial swelling and fever pain. After the symptoms subside, the testis shrinks and hardens, the loss of libido, and the semen become toxic. .

Pathological features: abortion sow endometrial congestion, edema, surface viscous secretions, scraping off the secretions can be seen mucosal erosion and bleeding. Boar testicles first swell and then shrink. Abortion fetal size, common brain edema, meningeal and spinal congestion, subcutaneous edema, pleural effusion, lymph node hyperemia, liver and spleen necrosis, some fetal cerebellar hypoplasia can be seen.

Prevention measures: The disease must be prevented. Once the disease has occurred, there is no effective drug treatment.

Prevention of the disease must be vaccinated. At present, domestic vaccines for animals are mainly attenuated vaccines, and diluted with special diluents for injection. Prevention of the disease, mostly in the 1 to 2 months before the emergence of mosquitoes. Newborn pigs (after the full moon) are injected twice with a two-week interval; reserved young male and female gilts are strengthened once before mating (if not injected, they should also be injected twice, with intervals of two weeks); adult male and female pigs are injected once a year Regardless of the size of the pig, one dose is injected each time. The period of vaccine immunity is not less than 10 months, and the immunity protection rate is almost 100%.

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