Prevention and cure of the juvenile leopard moth

Prevention and cure of the juvenile leopard moth

Juvenile leopard moth is Lepidoptera, Lepidoptera, which is one of the main pests of jujube branches. It is very harmful to newborn jujube heads, especially young trees directly formed after the damage of young trees. In the survey of the year, the damage of the insect in our county has increased year after year. Recently, we investigated the number of planted plants in the individual trees of Jujube in Xueli Village and Shangzhuang Village of Shangzhuang Town by 20% to 30%. The annual rate of jujube head damage reached more than 10%, and almost any jujube tree can be found in branches damaged by the moth caterpillar moth.

1, morphological characteristics:

(1) Adult head white chest and abdomen gray. Female moths are 18-20mm long, 33-36mm wingspan, antennae filamentous, six blue-black pigment spots on the dorsum of the thoracodorsus, and two lines in the longitudinal direction. The front wings spread with irregular blue-blue spots. Spawners yellow-brown. The male is 18-22mm long and 34-36mm in wingspan. The lower half of the tentacles is in the shape of a mandible. The upper half is linear and the end of the temple has tail hairs.

(2) Oval spherical, first pale yellow, dense mesh engraved.

(3) The larvae of mature larvae are 30-40mm in length and brown in the head, and the upper culprit and monocular area are black in chest and purple.

(4) 蛹 bedding, curved spindle, auburn 25-28mm long.

2, habits and the law of occurrence: the worm occurs one generation a year, with larvae to damage the branch insects wintering, the second spring warming with the weather, the body juice flow, larvae continue to peck along the pulp to the xylem around, separated by a certain Distance, generally 15-20mm outward to open a ventilation defecation hole, the bud on the victim does not germinate, and then dry and die, but the larvae do not die, often cause damage to the branch.

The mature larvae used insects and feces to plug both ends of the insect path and spit it before larvae. The larvae were larvae, and the pupa period was generally about 18 days. The eclosion began in the early July of my county. In mid-July, it reached the peak of emergence. Adults have phototaxis, are still during the day, flies at night, lay eggs, and are laid on saplings or branches of newborn jujube heads.

Early hatching of young trees, from the petiole of the cadmium, feeding jujube hanging xylem branches, into the hole above the jujube crane will soon dry and die, with the increase in the body size, the center age, began to harm the second branch, once or young tree trunk Most of the rule of the pith tend to feed on the xylem from the bottom up. The more winters, the majority of the puppies head back down and over the winter in the thicker branches.

3, control methods:

(1) During the winter and spring pruning, cut off the larvae and burn them. When recognizing, note that the leaves on the victim's branch do not fall.

(2) After the jujube sprouted, the pest shoots were completely cut off before mid-June. Because the adult has been killed before the emergence of two heads, from the victim to the front have been dry, easy to identify after the bud, where the current dry and not germinate, most are caused by the damage of juvenile leopard moth, with high branches cut under the dead branches Pruning was made at 20-30 points and burned in a concentrated manner. Burning was emphasized. Due to the ability to divert it. Comprehensive and thorough one or two years can basically control its damage. It is the simplest, most economical, thorough and best practice to use this method to treat Juvenile Leopard.

(3) In adulthood, use its phototaxis, use black light traps, or use 50% methyl 1605 or methamidophos 1500 times liquid spray to remove the disease.

(4) Before the main trunk of the sapling is dead, it can be injected into the wormhole with a syringe to inject 50% methyl-hexahydrate and 100-fold liquid to kill the twigs as larvae.

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