Application of urea should pay attention to matters

Urea has a high nitrogen content, long fertility and easy application, and it is well received by farmers. To make full use of the role of urea, pay attention to the following three points in use:

First, it cannot be applied on the surface: urea is spread on the surface and it can only be absorbed by the crop after 4-5 days at room temperature. Most of the nitrogen is volatilized during the ammoniation process, and the utilization rate is only about 30%. Therefore, fertilization cannot be applied on the surface.

The second is bogey for seed fertilizer: When using urea as a seed fertilizer, it will often produce a small amount of biuret during the transformation process. Biuret levels above 2% can poison seedlings and seeds.

Third, it must not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers: after urea is applied, it must be converted into ammonia nitrogen before it can be used by crops. Under alkaline conditions, most of the nitrogen in ammonia nitrogen will become ammonia volatilization. Therefore, Urea cannot be mixed with alkaline fertilizers such as grass ash, calcium magnesium phosphate, and ammonium bicarbonate, or applied simultaneously.


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