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The common characteristics of saline-alkali lands are low organic matter content, poor physical and chemical properties of soil, and many negative and positive ions that are harmful to crop growth. The soil fertility is low, and crops are not easy to promote seedling growth.
The application of kappa bacterial fertilizer can improve the soil fertility, improve the soil structure, reduce the speed of capillary water movement and the ineffective evaporation of water, and obviously inhibit the effect of returning salt. The application of bacterial fertilizer can also increase the content of available calcium in the soil. At the same time, the organic acids produced by the decomposition of organic matter by microorganisms can also activate the calcium that is adsorbed by the soil, and strengthen the replacement of soil-adsorbing sodium, resulting in desalination and alkali elimination. Under the effect of Kumba fungus fertilizer, the harmful ion content and pH value of saline-alkali soil are significantly reduced, the soil buffering performance is increased, and the salt-tolerance of the crop is improved.
Saline-alkali soil is not easy to grow seedlings. The general principle of fertilization is to increase the supply of gold treasure bacteria fertilizer and to appropriately control chemical fertilizer application. Basal fertilizers should be applied with organic fertilizers with high organic content to reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers. Fertilizers should not be as close to the seeds as possible to avoid increasing the concentration of soil solution and affecting germination. Apply fertilizer according to the situation and apply it in time to avoid overdosing. Where conditions permit, a large number of methods can be used to return straw, plant salt-tolerant green manure and other methods to reduce the harm of salt and alkali to crops.

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