How to use a greenhouse to grow pepper seedlings

How to use a greenhouse to cultivate pepper seedlings Use of greenhouse greenhouse seedlings can make peppers market ahead of time and greatly increase economic benefits. In the process of nursery, there are several key steps that should not be ignored.
1, choose a good nursery. Choose a high-pitched terrain, sunny, conducive to drainage, not heavy, no source of land for seedlings.
2, strictly deal with the seeds. Seeds can be used to treat seed before the next seed, but must be soaked in warm water at 60-65 degrees. Keep stirring until the water temperature drops and then soak for 8 to 10 hours. Let the seed suck enough water and then place it at 28-30C. Under the germination. After 60 to 70 germination, it can be planted.
3, good temperature control. After the next kind, a layer of plastic film shall be placed on the surface of the urn, and the temperature shall be 28-30°C during the day and 15-18°C during the night. Immediately after the seedlings removed the plastic film.
4, timely seedlings. Seedlings grow to 2-3 true leaves when seedlings. Seedling distance 1010 cm. Do not injure the root when dividing the seedlings. The seedbeds are kept at 26-30C during the day and 15-18°C at night. 10 days before planting, pay attention to ventilation and hardening of seedlings.
5. Apply rooting agent. In the sowing, seedling application rooting agents, such as Jinbao root Miao Zhuang, can increase the temperature, germinate early, promote weak seedlings into strong seedlings. When planting and transplanting, the seedlings are quickened and rooted, and they enter the high-yield period in advance. They can prevent leggy, prolong the harvest period, and resist disease and stress. The specific use method is as follows: 1. Seedling: After diluting 50-20ml of gold treasure root seedlings and diluting 10-20 times, it can be sown in 50kg nutritious soil or 4-5ml seedbed. 2, seedling period: per square meter seedbed with gold and gold root seedling strong 30-fold dilution of 5-10 kg watering or spraying. 3, transplanting: The goldfish root seedlings diluted 5O0 times liquid maggot root or hole application. Details can visit the website or consult. Website address: 152 mailbox, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 12 Zhongguancun South Street, Beijing. Zip code 100081 Hotline 81428238.

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