Three-color milk cake

Raw material formula milk fan 400 grams cooked cloud legs 150 grams steamed egg yellow 1 egg white 1 lard 500 grams (about 100 grams consumed) water faba bean powder 15 grams pepper salt 10 grams

Production Method
1. Cut the milk fan (first wrapped in wet cloth to soften it), the cloud leg and the steamed egg yolk into rectangular pieces 4 cm long and 2 cm wide; transfer the egg white to the flour paste with the water bean flour. Then, the milk fan, the cloud leg, and the steamed egg yolk were hung on the paste, and the three were put together and compacted by hand.

2. Set the pot on fire, heat the lard under the heat of the fire, put the folded three-colored milk fan into the pan and fry golden brown, remove and drain the oil, cut into four pieces, and sprinkle the flowers. Salt and pepper serve.

Product features golden yellow, crispy and crispy, mouth-watering, and optimum wine.

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