In the winter, good pregnant cattle health care

1, balanced nutrition.

Abandon the old practice of monoculture of pregnant cows with corn stalks and use feed collocation to maintain the absorption of green feeds and high nutrient feeds. You can adjust the mix of feeds at any time. For example, you can feed corn stalks in the morning, feed some peanut quail and yam quail at noon, and add some green radish, Chinese cabbage, and other green feeds. You can add them at night. Feed some cornmeal and crush the mixed feed. The crushed peanut vines can be evenly mixed with the yam vines and cornmeal and fed to the pregnant cows to facilitate the full absorption of the pregnant cows. It is necessary to remind you that the corn stalks must be allowed to feed cattle after drying. If the corn stalks are fed with semi-wet corn stalks or rotted corn stalks, it will easily lead to indigestion of pregnant cows. Lead to pregnancy anorexia and poisoning and other illnesses. When feeding radish and Chinese cabbage, it is also necessary to strictly control the quality. It is forbidden to eat rotten and moldy leaves for pregnant cattle. At the same time, it is necessary to feed pregnant beef in time to feed some salt, not only to maintain the body of pregnant cattle. Normal salt consumption, but also can improve feed palatability.

2, cowshed clean.

To clean the cow dung in time, clean the cow dung to a place farther away from the cowshed for composting and decomposition, so that the cowshed is always dry and hygienic. When the weather is cold, a layer of fine soft grass should be laid on the cow bar to facilitate The pregnant cow is lying prone, and if it is conditional, it can be covered with a canvas or a plastic cloth. After the cow dung is cleaned up, it is best to spread the cowshed evenly with grass ash or slag ash. If conditions permit, we can match the ash, slag ash and white ash in a ratio of 3:2:1 to make it sterilize. The best results are achieved. You can also go directly to the veterinary station to purchase sterilizing chemicals, such as potassium permanganate, etc., and spray them according to the instructions.

3, vaccine injection.

The vaccination of common diseases of pregnant cattle and incurable diseases should be timely and effective. Vaccines play an irreplaceable role in the prevention of diseases in pregnant cattle, so vaccine injections are crucial in the breeding process. However, the author finds that rural farmers do not pay much attention to the vaccine injection work. It is often after pregnancy that the cow suffers a serious illness and regrets it. It is not only expensive but also difficult to cure, and it sometimes leads to death of pregnant cows. Although through the publicity, the veterans have already taken a grade in the injection of vaccines, but there is still a certain gap between the requirements for vaccination, so it is important to understand the role of vaccines in the prevention of pregnant cattle diseases. Top priority.

4, do "sunbathing."

"Sunbathing" is plain, that is, to make pregnant cows in the sun, because the sun in the process of breeding pregnant cows sterilization is any drug can not be replaced, so the pregnant cow to receive timely exposure to sunlight, but also can be used "Itching scratches" is the grooming of pregnant cattle. Remember, do not always put the pregnant cow in the barn, because the longer the time the pregnant cow is in the barn, the higher its irritability, which is extremely detrimental to the growth and development of the pregnant cow and the fetus.

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