Prevention of spinach leukoplakia

Symptoms: The symptoms of spinach leukoplakia mainly manifest on the leaves. The lower leaves began to develop. The lesions were small and round with sharp edges. The lesions were yellow-white in the middle, and the outer edges were brownish to purple-brown. They gradually developed into white patches. When the air humidity is high, gray hairs are visible on the lesions. When the air is wet and dry, the middle of the lesions is easily broken. The disease is caused by fungi.

Infection: Spinachella flavescens mycelia with the disease in the soil in the winter, Hunchun bacteria spread by the wind, rain spread. Weak growth, easy to disease in warm and humid conditions.

Prevention: 1. Strengthen management and increase plant resistance to disease;

2. Dispose of the diseased body promptly after harvest and concentrate deeply or burn it to reduce the source of the disease;

3. In the initial stage of disease, spray 50% carbendazim 800 times or 1:0.5: 160 times Bordeaux mixture, 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder 700 times.

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