Special management during chicken disease

As the chicken disease will cause physiological dysfunction, so that the ability to adapt to the environment, the needs of nutrients, endocrine regulation have a certain impact, if at this time through special management measures to give adjuvant therapy, will receive more effective results.

Feed: The onset of chickens often leads to increased body temperature and metabolic disturbances. Therefore, it is necessary to change the nutrient content in feed and its content and feeding methods. The first is to raise the energy level. According to the reduction in disease intake of diseased chickens, the energy level should be raised to 1.2 times that of normal. The second is to increase the vitamin content. Vitamins a and b can be increased to 3 times the normal amount, vitamin e can be increased to 5 times the normal amount, can also add the right amount of vitamin c and vitamin d3. The third is to properly reduce the fat content of feed. The fourth is to increase the number of feeding facilities and the number of feedings. If possible, it can be processed into pelleted feed or mixed with wet feed to stimulate chicken feed intake. The fifth is to keep the feed and its facilities clean and hygienic and prevent moldy feed.

Drinking Water: During the onset of a chicken, it must be ensured that the drinking water is supplied normally. The water in the drinking fountain should be sufficient and clean. If you administer your medicine in drinking water, you should first put in water-soluble medicine, stir well, and then calculate the dosage according to the actual amount of water the chicken has eaten. Again, pay attention to the effective time of the medicine in the water and ensure that the medicine is fed within the effective period. The dose of water or drink for treatment should not be cut off before administration.

Management: during the onset of the disease generally increase the ventilation of the house, keep the air fresh, but the winter should pay attention to the insulation of the chicken house, and try to prevent the direct attack of cold wind on the chicken. In summer, try to reduce the temperature of the house and prevent heat stress. In the case of respiratory disease in chickens, do not administer aerosol immunization and disinfect chickens.

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