Meat and milk - Germany's Finnacle cattle

This breed is a meat-milk mixed breed that was introduced in Germany by the Swiss Simmental breeder. The province's Livestock and Poultry Breeding Improvement Station was introduced from Canada at the end of 2001 and is the first time that China has introduced this variety. 1, appearance characteristics: the main color is yellow and white flowers (also red and white flowers), also known as spotted cattle. 2. Production performance: The average daily weight gain of public funds is more than 1.6 kilograms, and the slaughter rate of bulls after fattening is more than 65%. The calf weighs about 40 kilograms, the adult bull weighs 1,000-1300 kilograms, and the adult cow weighs 650-800 kilograms. 3, milk production performance: annual milk production of 9000 kg, milk fat rate of 4.0%, milk protein rate of 3.5. 4, adaptability: resistance to rough feeding, strong resistance, low incidence, suitable for all types of feeding conditions in our province, is another province of our cattle cattle improved.

Wada is located in southern Xinjiang, drought, rain, light a long time, big temperature difference between day and night, with its large, thin, small, fleshy, good color, dry without wrinkles. Vitamin C content is rich, higher than the apple content of seventy to eighty times, fresh dates in the carbohydrate content than all kinds of vegetables and other fruits are high, high sugar content, Hotan Jujube, in recent years has been renowned throughout the country. Thick meat, small nuclear, you can soup, congee, tea or eat directly, is a good food supplement.

"Hetian jujube" series of products produced in Xinjiang Wada red dates green food base, the base is located in the world's central region of fruit eugenics - Xinjiang Hotan, here has the most suitable for the growth of jujube non-polluting alkaline desertification soil .Suitable light and heat resources And minerals rich in iceberg snow water resources. Each one "Wada date" are the essence of natural crystallization, each one has a unique growth environment.

Xinjiang Wadao jujube is a local specialty food in Xinjiang, produced in the heart of the world's fruit eugenics central area - Xinjiang Hotan. Compared with other jujube, Xinjiang Wada Jujube Fruit shape, full of particles, thick flesh, thin thin skin, nutrient-rich, sweeter taste.

Xinjiang Hotan Jujube

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