Early spring promotes milk production 6 measures

First, maintain a suitable temperature. The critical temperature for dairy cows to produce milk is around 20°C. It is very difficult to reach this temperature in the early spring, except for the use of greenhouses to raise cattle. At the very least, it should be kept at about 10°C with Sherwin. Second, for adequate dietary nutrition. On the basis of feeding enough hay or table storage, the nutrient concentration of the diet should be properly increased, with reference formula: cornmeal 50%, bean cake 30%, bran 10%, fat 3%, salt 1.5%, bone meal 2%, baking soda 1.5%, promote milk premix 2%. When there is no table feed, chopped carrots, potatoes, or fresh Chinese cabbage leaves should be fed 35 kilograms a day. On the basis of normal milk production, every kilogram of milk that is prolific in production should be fed with 1 kg to 5 kg of mixed concentrate to ensure the need for milk production. Third, supply plenty of warm water. If you give cows cold water in the early spring, the cows will consume a lot of body heat and reduce the milk production. Insufficient drinking water will also cause some diseases. It should be noted that a sufficient supply of warm water of about 16°C is generally used to boil the water in the semi-warm bottle with water drawn from the well and allow the cow to drink. Fourth, keep the sanitation and hygiene. Drying is conducive to heat preservation, so it must be cushioned and matted. To remove excrement in time, and often sprinkle some lime powder or ash in the house, this will not only reduce the temperature inside the house, but also disinfection and disease prevention, there is to increase milk production. Fifth, adhere to the sun, exercise. In sunny weather, let the cows exercise for at least 2 hours each day, and then bring them to the sun where the leeward sun rises to strengthen the blood circulation, help digestion, and increase milk production. 6. Carefully brush the body of the cow. Brushing the body of the cow can increase milk production. Every day, it is necessary to carefully brush the whole body of the cow's skin once or twice.

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