The end of autumn should raise crabs and harvest at the end of the year

At the end of the fall, the crabs should be raised and the crabs harvested at the end of the year should be harvested at the end of autumn and winter. As the source of goods is concentrated, it often brings certain difficulties to sales, and at the same time, the selling price is not ideal, directly affecting the improvement of regular benefits. I found out that many savvy crab raisers tend to raise their crabs for fattening at the time and sell them before the Spring Festival. This results in a significant increase in efficiency, a significant increase in income, and a huge profit. Its technical methods mainly include the following three rings: The first requirement is for the fattening ponds to raise the soil. Requirements: The pool area is 5-10 acres, which can maintain a water level above 1.5 meters without leakage, and is convenient for drainage and drainage. If using a fish-raising pond, the thickness of the bottom humus should not exceed 15 cm. Beyond this thickness, a portion should be dug away, otherwise the abdomen's abdomen will have a darker color, which will not only affect the taste but will also affect the price (especially the belly of the crab for export should be white). Ten days before the crabs enter the pool, clear the pond with quick lime and fill the crab with water after one week. Maintenance of cement pools: Requirements area 20-100 square meters, can store more than 1.2 meters, into the drainage convenient, in the bottom of the pool on the 10-15 cm fine sand, after disinfection, water injection soak for about 10 days before use. Maintenance of housing requirements: the use of empty houses, housing walls need to be smooth, the ground is not leaking concrete, an area of ​​10-30 square meters is appropriate. This can also be used for short-term (10 days to 15 days) support, but can not play fattening effect. The second ring: the density of the soil required to support the earthen pond, 500--700 kilograms per acre can be put into crabs, the pool must also be placed in the water area of ​​1/3 - 2/5 of the aquatic plants, so that the crab safely avoid the enemy and feeding. The cement pool is maintained and put 1.5-2 kg of crabs per square meter. Before the crabs enter the pool, aquatic animals like water peanuts or water hyacinths must be placed in the pond, accounting for 1/3 of the water area, for their habitat and feeding. In the house, you can raise 3 to 4 kilograms of crabs per square meter, or even more. The third ring: daily management requires water quality management: river crabs prefer a relatively fresh water environment. Therefore, the size of the water exchange should be determined according to the size of the pond and the ability to enter and drain water. The reference standard is: the pool water must maintain 5 mg/L of dissolved oxygen, with a transparency of about 40 cm. If it is lower than this index, crabs will die of lack of oxygen. Feed feeding: The feed is mainly animal food, which accounts for 60% of the total feed, and it can be increased to 80% if there are conditions. Before winter, the water temperature is higher, and the daily feed is about 10% of the weight of the crab. It should be divided into two feedings, 40% of the total daily amount in the morning and 60% in the evening. After entering the winter, when the water temperature drops to about 10°C, the feeding amount should be gradually reduced to 30% to 50% of the body weight of the crab until the hibernation is stopped. Tour inspection: during the period of fattening and nursing, we must insist on daily morning, evening, and evening tour inspections. Check the water color and water level. If the water quality is fresh, the dissolved oxygen is above 5 mg/l, the pool water does not leak, and the water level meets the requirements, it is considered normal. On the contrary, if the water becomes thicker and the water level drops below the required water level, the water exchange volume must be increased to raise the water level in the pool to the required standard; Focus on how much food is eaten. If the amount of residual food is large, it will decrease when the next feeding. On the contrary, it increases in moderation. Note: The spoilage should be promptly removed in order to keep the water fresh. Three check the activities. In normal conditions, crabs are quiet and do not climb out of the pool. If the amount of bait is insufficient, they will eat each other if they do not eat enough. Especially during shelling and male and female mating, it is easy to be the same kind of food. Therefore, we must invest enough feed to eat and eat as much as possible, and as far as possible into the pool before entering the pool male and female support. In addition, the management residence located next to the rearing pool shall turn off the electric lights as much as possible during the night so as to prevent the crabs from crawling towards the bright light due to hi-light habits and increasing physical exertion. For indoor maintenance, in addition to maintaining ventilation, it is necessary to spray the fish pond water 3-4 times a day to maintain a certain humidity, and to isolate the newly hatched crabs. If you discover death, you must remove the house promptly. Spring Festival Sales: Before and after the Spring Festival, crab prices are higher than when harvesting concentrated in the late autumn and early winter. Individuals also increase their weight by 30% to 50%. Although it is maintained, the survival rate is about 80%, but in comparison, there will still be significant benefits. For example, when 100-125 g/person alone is fattened to a specification of 150 g/above or above, prices will have to go up one grade in major cities such as Shanghai. And 200 g/above, the price is higher, the sales is smoother, and it becomes a popular foreign exchange earner.


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Origin:    Ningxia, China


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Each part of Goji berry is treasured, which can inhibit tumor growth and improves disease resistance, regulate immune system and blood fat, help normalize blood pressure and balance blood sugar. Elements that facilitate these benefits, within the dried goji berries, include barbarum, polysaccharides, carotenoids,  and amino acids.


Function of Goji berry:

1) Inhibit tumor growth and improve disease resistance;

2) Powerful anti-oxidant which extends life, and improves the memory; 

3) Neutralize the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation;

4) Normalize blood pressure & balance blood sugar

5) Lower cholesterol, lose weight.

6) Support eye health and improve your vision. 

7) Support healthy liver function. 

8) Support normal kidney function

9) Increase calcium absorption


Nutrition Facts of dried goji:

1) Contain 18 amino acids. 
2) Contain 21 trace minerals. 
3) Contain more protein than whole wheat. 
4) Contain B-complex vitamins.



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