Summer sleep flower care pay attention to four points

1. Less watering. When the temperature is high in the summer, water it properly. In the morning and at night, it is advisable to pour small water. Do not water it too much, otherwise it will rot. If watering is too little, the root system will shrink, so just keep the potted soil moist.

2. Shade off the sun. The high temperature of the sun is hot and pungent. The plants should be moved to a place where they can avoid sun exposure, shaded by bamboo or plastic nets, and placed in a cool, ventilated place.

3. Stop fertilizing. Because these flowers are in dormant or semi-dormant periods and their physiological activities are weak, they cannot fertilize and reduce their physiological pressure.

4. Control pests and diseases. Flowers that are dormant or semi-dormant in summer are vulnerable to heat, diseases, and insect pests. Therefore, it is important to prevent them from being infected.

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